iBPM helps eliminate gaps between different applications and heavily focuses on processes. It ensures that the workflows are seamless and employees can accomplish their tasks with minimum to no hiccups. The main goal is to ensure a high level of governance, data integrity, compliance, and efficiency. Tools like Digital Adoption Platforms can help you with Business Process Management. They can be used to analyze processes and also to create customized workflows that guide employees to complete tasks, adhering to internal and external policies. Process Analytics: You can analyze the usage of multiple applications at once and see how employees are interacting with the application. This analysis finds gaps in the current business process and also helps to gauge the efficiency of the workforce. Once analyzed, businesses can go ahead and create seamless processes that help employees complete their tasks without any issues. In-app contextual guidance: Based on the analysis and employee behavior report, you can create customized in-app Walkthroughs for a specific job function, geo-location, or department. It helps to onboard and train employees on any process from day 1. In comparison to traditional training methods, training through a Digital Adoption Platform is effective and result-oriented. It is not limited to contextual walkthroughs as it also allows seamless creation of easily accessible knowledge content in formats like PDFs, PPTS, Videos, and knowledge base links, within the application. Measure Business Efficiency: Once training methods are deployed, you can start analyzing the efficiency of the workforce by creating an objective funnel. The funnel enables you to list the sequence of tasks that the employees have to complete to understand a particular process. You can measure the completion and drop-off rate. If the completion rate is poor, there might be issues with the current process that need to be fixed. If only a few employees are unable to complete it, you can notify and guide them to complete those tasks correctly.