In addition, gather relevant success stories and share these experiences with your staff. Customer success stories provide new users with examples of how other companies effectively used Visual Assistance. This knowledge helps new users feel more confident and comfortable with adopting the new technology.Of course, the selected vendor or third party should have the best practices, know-how and the track record in their Visual Assistance implementation processes. Vodafone – which has implemented TechSee’s technology and saw a 68% improvement in customer satisfaction – introduced its new chatbot   TOBi to handle a range of customer service questions. The chatbot scales responses to simple customer queries, delivering the speed that subscribers demand. Nokia’s virtual assistant MIKA suggests solutions to network issues, leading to a 20% to 40% improvement to its first-time resolution rate. The next step of a Visual Transformation is where guided assistance walks a customer through the process of capturing specific images before speaking to a live representative. In many cases, these are repetitive tasks that customers can achieve in self-service without involving a live rep at all, such as warranty verification, returns, product registration, and installation. If more help is needed, a warm transfer can allow a remote agent to access the visuals and pick up the case immediately. For example, a customer who wants to register a new coffee machine can be guided to upload images of the product, serial number, and proof of purchase. The system recognizes the model, validates the warranty, and automatically registers the product in seconds. If more assistance is needed, the customer is transferred to a live agent who already has all the information needed to continue helping the customer. Voice assistants, such as Telefónica’s Aura, are designed to reduce customer service costs generated by phone enquiries. Comcast has also introduced a voice remote that allows customers to interact with their Comcast system through natural speech. Similarly, DISH Network’s partnership with Amazon’s Alexa allows customers to search or buy media content by spoken word rather than remote control. Integrating visual support within IVR enables more time-efficient interactions – reducing average handling times (AHT) and customer hold times, and ultimately driving better CX.