With Big Data and Analytics, multiple clusters and sources of data storage can be unified and brought under one umbrella. By doing this, Telecom companies can enable their applications and services to consume data in a uniform manner. Unification and integration of various data segments will also allow organizations to focus on security perspectives with a single point under study. Ensuring security of data will become easier than if the data was present at multiple locations and used in a diversified manner. Additionally, the reliability and availability of data will enhance when there is one single database, no matter how huge, that needs to be replicated in its entirety or partly. Through Big Data and Analytics, the data from today’s trends can be contrasted against their historical counterparts to learn about the change that is happening on an industry-wide basis. By knowing this, Telecom companies will be able to predict the future trends and be future-ready with their plans to cater to the rising, or falling demands for their services and products. Determining patterns in the customer demands and predicting the behavior of consumers can be made possible only by putting the right data through the churning mill and deriving valuable insights. When Telecom majors can predict the demand for a service well in advance, they will be able to deliver those services when the market boosts, realizing efficiency and productivity in delivering services. Geo-data is the buzzword that is driving change in the Telecom sector. The data in a geo-dataset describes the information about the customers according to their location or region. Essentially, it is the location of the hardware that is specified in the data. A large pool of such data that includes the geographical location of the customers alongside their interests and buying habits, etc., can be leveraged by Telecom companies to chalk out actionable from the data for their marketing and sales strategies. Through Big Data and Analysis of data, mightier targets can be achieved with ease. The Telecom sector is booming in the data space, and companies are moving at a rapid pace towards realizing the potential of data in improving their operations, processes, customer experiences, etc.